Tuncluer Textile Tourism, Construction, Food, Consulting, Industry & Trading Inc.Co. Dated 11.06.2007, No. 6930 Turkish Trade Registry Gazette within the registration and publication of the 297 page, 10.31 2007, Tuncluer Textile Tourism, Construction, Food, Consulting, Industry & Trading Ltd.Co. started its commercial activities with the title, such as of 19/11/2012 transactions subject to change, dated November 26, 2012, official Journal No. 434 of 2801 Page Tunçluer Textile Tourism, Construction, Food, Consulting, Industry & Trading İnc.Co. has been registered and published with the title. Share certificates are which is fully paid share capital of the Company, each of nominal value of the Turkish Lira in 1000, consists of 290 registered shares. Absolute one hundred percent organic baby products. Sewing techniques and models of self-owned brand of “Organics’ Baby Kua”. Tuncluer Inc.Co. absolute one hundred percent organics’ baby wearings produces. Sewing techniques and models of self-owned brand of organic babykua. Tuncluer absolute one hundred percent organic baby clothing Textile produces. Sewing techniques and models of self-own.Textile product with the brand of “Organics’ Baby Kua” totally, "Organics’ Textile Product Manufacturing" are produced in accordance with the principles, "One hundred percent certified organic cotton" is used. Wastage in the production process are evaluated even if the health characteristics of comfort and hygiene may be provided cumulatively, until it reaches the final consumer that creates value in all processes from product design and the materials used in supplying organic and recycled products. As a result of the global research expressed as one hundred percent organic products, does not seem to have none of the qualifications specified in. * Organic products, from raw material production, the process of the way until it reaches the final consumer, using chemical inputs, each stage of the controlled and certified product. Although different terms, the concept of the ecological equivalent concepts to the concept known as organic. Organic cotton, except for the use of other materials used in organic textile products to the product but the, "Ecological" feature gives. In conjunction with the use of ecological materials with organic cotton, organic product certifications content, specified percentage, "Has the characteristics of organic" is the phrase. Organic textiles, agricultural products, structured process, organically grown fibers, textile industry, is to work according to the relevant standards. There are two ways to use organic fibers in textiles: 1-Production Using Organic Fiber As Raw Material, used in the production of organic fibers, but the conventional production method. Conventional methods used in organic farming methods are all non-traditional methods. Textile products used in the manufacture of dyes, auxiliary chemicals or accessories shall not be required compliance with organic standards. Need to use the manufacturer's organic fiber as raw material. 2-Production and Production Conditions on Use of Raw Organic Fiber Textile Standard are done by. Within the specified context, the growth of the material used as raw materials, harvesting, storage, transport processes in accordance with organic farming standards, certification / labeling is required. In addition, the company in terms of production, fulfillment, social and environmental responsibilities, resources (especially water) efficient use, pollution and the minimization of waste, in order to ensure social justice and workers (health, safety, benefits, fees, etc.). Rather than issues such as provision of basic rights suggests that the introduction of the priority conditions. ...thanks for the interest you have shown, Best regards, Tuncluer Textile Inc.Co.

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