Seeds Fiber: Cotton Fiber, animal, plant, mineral derived from natural substances such as denir.Pamuk thin filaments, linen and wool fiber used in conjunction with the oldest. Homeland of India. BC Examples of Indian graves were found in 3000 BC cotton material. MS800 India, Japan and China in the past, 13 century. 'also brought to Europe by Marco Polo. Peru's discovery of the tombs were cotton textiles. Organic cotton is to be considered as a product, the consumer of the final product reaches the production stage, set up within the framework of standards, sustainable marketing requires that all activities, processes need to be applied to the content. Organic cotton is in no way bringing up chemical pesticide, Insecticide, Fungicide, Herbicide, Defolyant and artificial fertilizers are used. Natural animal manure, green manure, organic yields the developer and the natural (biological) is free to use pesticides. In addition, part of the trap plants, cultivates a field, ensuring the growth of beneficial insects that destroy pests in the field and conscious planning, crop rotation, organic cotton, without reducing yield raise more than possible. Organic cotton seed natural (undisturbed genetically) is required. Machine harvesting of all crops harvested by hand at the same time to ensure the maturation and loss of leaves than the extra "Defolyant as" the use of chemical substances is required. Therefore, hand-picked cotton. The bringing up of organic cotton plants, it is not possible to destroy the weeds with pesticides. Therefore, a need for additional anchorage. Fulfilling the requirements mentioned above organic seed cotton is grown in a controlled manner in order to be certified organic cotton fiber, cotton fiber core to leave after harvest, are subject to special processing. Authorized sure you do not mix in a business as usual cotton needs to be done. If you are a normal cotton, organic cotton is processed before the processing of the machines will be placed, and organic cotton tanks should be cleaned in a good way. Processed cotton tattoo / sarsaklama made by the method of standardization of foreign material removed, and grouping. Balyasına turned into bales of cotton attached to each; fiber origin, fiber characteristics, weight and bale with a certificate containing information about organic certification, spinning mills is sent. The form of bales of cotton stored in humid environments, decline in quality of the fibers occurs. Quality in order to avoid, bales dry, dark, low-temperature and should be kept in well-ventilated warehouse.
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